Apartments Šurbek – Apartments on the island of Vis




The music anthem in the form of crickets’ song, blue sea, wild lavender, myrtle, and rosemary accompanies you at every step. That must be the exact image that was before the eyes of the ancient Greeks who settled Vis in the 4th century B.C. This picture has not changed until this day. Unplanned, Vis transformed into an oasis of the Mediterranean as it once was. Today, just like more than two thousand years ago, the island of Vis shows us all the wisdom of living in harmony with nature.

Fishing vilages


As one of the protruded points on the map of the Hellenic world, Vis has certainly served as a place where many gods of the Greek pantheon were once worshiped. As if the goddess of the sea Tethys still guards somewhere over the big blue, which still provides many valuable gifts essential to life. There has always been fishing on the island of Vis, and one of the most original products is the salted fish cake made with anchovies or sardines. Towns Vis and Komiza both have their variation of the salted fish cake, hence we call it Vis cake, or Komiza cake. The coexistence of seafood and the fruits of the earth is a real boon to people. The impact of Libera and Liberia, deities of agriculture and viticulture, have been well known for a long time.



The sun-drenched vineyards enrich the Island landscape with their greenery and the scent of mature grapes. The ancient Greeks, skilled sailors, and soldiers, all depended on the stars. However, their daily rhythm was dictated by the sunrise and the sunset. God Hyperion was not only the cause of morning awakening but also the cause of resting in the evening. He ruled the Sun in these ancient times that were shrouded in secrecy. But the goddess Flora never leaves room for mystery. She is the mistress of spring flowers and everything nice that smells and blooms. Vis is one of the sunniest Croatian islands with the longest spring period. That is how it used to be, and it still is now.

Cultural influence


After the Greeks, the Venetians, the French, and the English passed through Vis, and they all left their mark. Vis is a playful island. The goddess of youth Heba must be content to watch her subjects in the summer game on one of the numerous bays and seductive beaches. Many of them are isolated and offer the perfect escape from the busy life and everyday stress. On island Vis, you can fall in love, as well as fall out of love. It all depends on the two more ladies who smile from the heavens. The ancient Greeks knew them very well. They are the goddess of marriage Hera and the goddess of luck Fortuna. They say that it’s best to bow to both of them because marriage without luck is not a particularly nice one.